ADVICE: Stencils

sunny's stencilsWhere can I Use a Sunny’s Stencil?

You can use a stencil to decorate Walls, Furniture, Fabric and Floors. We have designed our stencils to look hand cut for a “not quite so perfect look” so relax and have fun!


 What kind of tape do I use to hold a stencil on the wall?

I use blue painters tape on each corner to hold the stencil on the wall while I am working.


How do I know how to space my stencil pattern?

Option #1

I typically take the top center of a wall and place a stencil there, then I go to the left and to right one stencil width and come down one stencil height and place another …so now I have a triangle, then I place one directly underneath the first one , but below the two sides ..picture a diamond shape but made out of pattern you have. I continue this way through the room.

Option #2

randomly place stencil pattern about one length of hand to elbow away from each other.

Option #3

If it is a pattern that repeats itself I find the center of the wall, or floor, or fabric, or furniture, and place the first stencil, then let that dry a bit and place the stencil back on top of the pattern on one end and paint, continue this process until complete.


What tool should I use to stencil?

You can use a brush, but use a small amount of paint and pounce the brush up and down vertically, DO NOT brush from side to side, it will bleed underneath the stencil and make a mess. You can also use a small bathroom roller, but once again, Use A SMALL AMOUNT OF PAINT, and roll lightly, if you get a lot on the roller and push hard, it will glop under the stencil.


What kind of paint should I use?

I think it is a lot easier to use water based paint to stencil rather than oil, which takes a lot longer to dry and is much messier.


What is a self Adhesive Stencil?

This is a stencil that has a very light sticky backing, so you would peel back the mylar and place the stencil on the wall and use a brush or roller to apply the paint.


How many times can I use a Self Adhesive Stencil?

Typically one stencil will last through 20 uses on one wall, then it will get heavy with paint and will not adhere as well.

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