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Where can I use Sunny’s Goodtime Paints?

Our products are ideal for walls, furniture, floors, fabrics, fabric shower curtains, floorcloths – and anything else you can typically paint with latex paints!

How much coverage will I get out of one quart of Sunny’s Goodtime Paints?

One quart will cover 300-400 square feet of wall space.

What basecoat do you recommend using?

We recommend latex eggshell paint under all products for walls. For furniture, we recommend applying glazes over flat paint to create a more aged look.

Can I use Sunny’s Goodtime Paints over oil-based paint?

No. They will not adhere.

How can I determine whether my basecoat is latex (water-based) or oil paint?

Apply rubbing alcohol to a small portion of the wall. If it gums up, it is latex paint. If it gets shiny, it is oil paint.

Can I apply Sunny’s Goodtime Colour Washes over base colors other than white?

Colour Washes look great on base colors in the same family. Just make sure that the basecoat is a little lighter than the wash itself.

Do Sunny’s Goodtime Glazes look best over colored basecoats or white basecoats?

We recommend applying glazes over basecoats that are in the same color family as the glaze. This creates a very subtle, rich look.

Can I age wallpaper with Sunny’s Goodtime Glazes?

Yes! Simply test the glaze on a small section of wallpaper first.

How do I clean up after using Sunny’s Goodtime Paints?

Simply use soap and water.

How long should I let my new latex base coat dry before applying any of your products?

A week to be sure! Dry to the touch does not mean it has cured. If it has not cured the glazes and colour washes will re-wet the paint.

What is the difference between Sunny’s Goodtime Colour Wash and Sunny’s Goodtime Glaze?

Colour Washes are thinner, higher-pigmented paints designed to create a light wash effect when applied. They are not made to be manipulated with rags to faux paint. Our Glazes stay wet longer and can be manipulated with paint tools to create more controlled patterns. Glazes can also be washed on to create a light, watercolor effect on any basecoat.

What is the difference between Sunny’s Goodtime Glaze and Sunny’s Goodtime Aging Glaze?

Our Glazes contain one or two pigments that create lighter, clearer colors. Aging Glazes have five or more pigments in more earthy tones.

What sheen will I get if I apply Sunny’s Goodtime Glaze over a latex eggshell basecoat?

The sheen will be eggshell.

Can I use your products on a high-gloss latex paint?

Yes. Note that it will result in a lighter shade because the products will not absorb into the walls as much.

If I use a Colour Wash on gloss paint, will it be glossy when it dries?

No. Colour Washes dry flat no matter what surface you apply them to.

What if I want the look of the Colour Wash, but with sheen?

Roll on a polyacrylic topcoat over the dried Colour Wash for added sheen.

What sheen will I get if I apply Sunny’s Goodtime Paints over a flat paint basecoat?

Flat! Flat paint will also absorb more of the product, making the finished product a little darker. You can consider thinning the product with water for a lighter look.

How can I make Sunny’s Goodtime Paints more washable/durable?

Simply pour 1 cup of any polyacrylic into our products and mix well before you apply them.

Can I apply a topcoat of polyacrylic over Sunny’s Goodtime Paints?

Yes. For best results, let the walls dry for a full 48 hours before applying the topcoat.

I placed a topcoat on my walls and now I’d like to change the color. Do I have to prime before I repaint?


How long should I wait before layering Sunny’s Goodtime Paints?

Under normal conditions, let dry a full 24 hours. In more humid environments or cold environments, allow 24-36 hours before layering. You can layer a Glaze over a Colour Wash in 24 hours regardless of conditions.

When I mix a Glaze with a Colour Wash to make a new color, do I have to use the wash technique to apply it?

Yes. It is best to use the wash technique because Colour Washes dry faster than the Glazesmaking them harder to manipulate.

How can I lighten the color of a Sunny’s Goodtime Glaze?

Simply add our Clear Glaze into the Glaze youve selected and mix until you achieve the desired color.

Do Sunny’s Goodtime Paints leave a raised texture?

No. So relax – because repainting never requires additional preparation!

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