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Sunny’s Paint & Stencils

Sunny’s Goodtime Paint was created in 2001 by Sunny Goode. Sunny’s passion is to “bring out the artist in all” while sharing great design elements and products in an easy and affordable way. By simplifying decorative art for the novice, Sunny has, in turn, created more appreciation for the advanced techniques the professionals use.

“The confidence I see emerge from our customers is amazing,” says Goode. “So many people have been told they aren’t creative. I think everyone can be creative it’s a matter of being given the right tools—and the right attitude—to be successful.”
Sunny Goode, Creator

Everything about Sunny’s brand feels happy, fun, and accessible. Her range of work conjures up feelings that anybody can identify with and can translate into their own home… cozy, elegant, whimsical, modern, light & bright, lived-in…

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