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Creator of Leather Wool Linen

PH: What is one of the most heartwarming holiday gifts you’ve received?

SA: I used to own a yarn shop so I’d almost always knit holiday gifts but never received them. A dear friend knit me a sweater and it brought tears to my eyes when she gave it to me. I knew how much time and thought went into that gift and I was so appreciative. As far as gifts given – every year instead of buying gifts for each other my husband and I select a large family though the Angel Tree program and buy gifts for kids who might not otherwise receive them. That warms our hearts and puts us in the holiday spirit.

PH: Describe your medium and what you love most about creating.

SA: The medium I use most is leather though I do occasionally throw in some linen and wool into the mix, hence the name. I have an affinity for natural fibers and materials. I’ve always loved making things and with these materials, if I need something for a particular event or outfit I can simply make it myself, which is a pretty great feeling.

PH: Do you have any favorite holiday traditions?

SA:  I don’t know that I have any favorite holiday traditions. We had family who hosted an Christmas Day open house for years and years – when that stopped many moons ago so did our only real tradition. I still love this time of year even without anything formal.



I started Leather Wool Linen out of a desire to create bags I couldn’t find in stores. For as long as I can remember I’ve been making things: knit slippers for the Cabbage Patch dolls of my baby sitters, sweaters, clothes… and so on. I have a love and respect for natural materials in everything I make.

Without too many zippers, snaps or bells and whistles, your necessities will be easy to find and right at hand. My design style is simple but modern and classic. Your bag is an investment so it shouldn’t have a trend shelf life.

I make each bag by hand (or with assistance from an industrial sewing machine) in my little studio. Constructed of leather, wool, linen, or waxed cotton your bag is made to last.

I was born and raised in Richmond, attended Collegiate and received my MFA from VCU. After a time living in Colorado, I moved back to my hometown in September 2001. I live and work in an old farmhouse in Varina with my husband, two dogs and a cat.





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