How do you solve the problem of what to do with the flowers your kids and grandkids bring you from the yard?? This was the question we set about answering and the result was one of the most universally loved bud vases in Chive history.

The Caterpillar is a super cute glass flower vase for 6 single flowers. Each of the 6 round clear glass balls are joined together in a row. There is no separation between the balls so you only need to fill one hole with water and you will fill the whole vase. Each hole is about a half inch wide so you’ll need to use those small flowers the kids bring in, or the cuttings from your garden if you got a little zealous whilst deadheading.

Our absolute favourite flower to use in it is Ranunculus, but in a pinch pop by the grocery store and get a bunch of Kermit Mums and it will looks just as sweet.

This light weight bud vase makes flower arranging fun and easy. Treat yourself to some spray roses and make an elegant, low laying decorative centrepiece on your table for your next dinner party.


Product Details

  • Material: extruded tube glass, which means it’s glass but it’s thin and delicate
  • Dimensions: 10.25” long, 1″ wide, 1.5″ ,tall
  • Cleaning: C.L.R. (Calcium, Lyme, Rust Cleaner) will help out with any calcium build up without needed to get out the long wire brush


  • Unique gift idea
  • Fun floral arranging
  • Look like a pro florist and have all your friends fawn over your creations
  • Saves all the flowers you accidentally snap off when gardening or arranging a bouquet
  • Absolutely perfect for a window sill

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