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What, if anything, would you like people to know about your latest works?  
This series was pretty much painted with different styles of palette knives. I had fun exploring this time.

How would you describe your art to first-time viewers?
I’m an expressive abstract colorist. My paintings have movement and texture as well.

What is one thing we would never guess about you?
I totally love espionage movies, books! As a little girl, I wanted to grow up and be a spy!

If you were going out onto a stage, what would your entrance theme song be?
Either Mustang Sally or These Boots Are Made For Walking 😂😂

How do you get motivated for difficult tasks?
Pray and put on worship music

Do you have a favorite color? 
Can’t pick one but I love chartreuse, pink, orange, lavender and yellow

What movie/tv show do you wish you could watch again for the first time?
The Bourne series and Alias. I also love Rom-coms. They’re too many to pick one!

What's heavily played on your music playlist right now?
Kelanie Gloeckler

Do you have any favorite pieces in this collection? If so, which ones and why?
I’m really excited about this collection!! I felt that I painted in colors and movements with the palette knife that I haven’t done before. I knew that I surprised myself when I stood back and thought…oooh, I like these!!! I have a few favorites….Breakthrough, Gently Lead and Brightness of Your Daybreak. Breakthrough was the first 48x48 that I painted in this collection and when I finished it, I felt that I had created something different. I had not worked in those colors before. I worked with a much bigger knife and really moved on the canvas. There was a breakthrough and I knew it! Gently Lead and Brightness of Your Daybreak followed. I had such a freedom to paint over the canvases. The colors seem to have a light or brightness about them. The titles came to me while having my quiet time in Psalm 43. I love when the Lord speaks to my heart. I’m thankful!

Is there one style of art that you haven't done, but would love to try one day?
I would love to try pottery or sculpture. I know that it’s not my wheelhouse but I’d love to try a workshop.

What's on your bucket list?
I’d love to take an African safari! Recently, I saw pictures from a friend’s trip. Oh my!!! Incredible!!! I was so moved by the animals and landscape! Creation takes my breath!


There’s always been an artist deep inside of Susan Britt—even as a math major at Salem College—but it took her soul searching during her Daddy’s illness and death to bring it out.

A Christian counselor who led Susan Britt through her grieving helped her realize her passion.  He asked what she wanted to do, and she surprised herself when she blurted out, “I want to paint.”   Completely startled and looking over both shoulders, she whispered, “Who said that?”  Her counselor encouraged her to embrace this call to paint.  He pointed to her heart and lovingly said, “I believe you’ve been given a gift….now use it!”  She took classes and workshops with Alice Williams, Eileen Corse, Frank Rowland, Mike Hoyt, and John Silver, each of whose work is different but represents color so beautifully.

Susan Britt acknowledges that her “eye” is a gift, and she credits music as a source of her inspiration.  “Christian music puts my heart in a place of gratitude for the Giver of the gift,” she said, and many of her paintings reflect that joy and peace in their color, texture, and movement.  Motown music causes her to dance in her studio, and her brush strokes make life’s joys dance on the canvas as well!   Susan Britt considers herself an abstract expressionist with bold colors, movement, and texture.  “I can express so much on canvas that I cannot express in words,” she said.

“I look at a table setting and see abstract,” she says with her infectious smile, “and I love the linear movement of the layout of the cotton and tobacco fields of eastern North Carolina.”  She’s deeply inspired by what she sees, and her vibrant colors dance with the joy of a sweet soul who’s humbled to share her love of color with others.  “I’m grateful that painting has allowed me to translate a part of my soul to canvas,” she said, “sharing my joy, hope, and light with others.”

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