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Tell us about your most recent collection.  
As with most of my work, this collection is all about color. When I'm working, my color choices are pretty instinctual - I don't give the palette a lot of thought as I go - I tend to gravitate towards certain colors, go for it and it takes on a life of its own. I like to think I'm inspired by my travels - and you will see a lot of the names of the pieces were inspired by places or specific memories of places I've been.

How would you describe your art to first-time viewers?
My work is colorful, abstract, heavily layered and textural. I like to use thicker bodied paint, pastel scribbles, sometimes water - to add complexity and interest to the piece. Each layer tells a story - whether you see the underlayer or not - and the overall goal is to make something that inspires positivity and joy. My favorite artworks are ones that make me feel inspired and joyful - so ultimately that's what I'd like my work to do for others.

What are three random facts about yourself?
I have identical twin boys (17 years old) and a daughter who's 14. I also have 2 dogs that look like identical twins (Coconut and Shelby).

I'm from North Carolina, but have lived in Washington DC for 23 years.

My mom and sister are also artists. They are so talented.

If money were no object, how would you spend your time?
I'd still paint and create art- but in a really big glass art studio loft somewhere inspiring.

Which mediums do you prefer and why?
I like to use acrylic paints for my astracts - they dry quickly and because I can be impatient when creating, I find they are easier to layer. I love my oil pastels for scribbling. This is sometimes my favorite part of the process.

Besides painting, what are some other hobbies you enjoy? 
I like to jog, read, swim, walk my dogs,and travel.

What's a new skill, inside or outside of art, you'd love to learn?
Pottery/ceramics! I'm fascinated and have always wanted to learn.

What makes you happiest?
Laughing with my husband and kids.

What's one thing that instantly makes your day better?
My bootcamp workout
Drinks with friends.

Do you have pieces of art in your home that are favorites of yours?
Yes! I have a gallery wall in my kitchen of my kids' artwork over the years that I've framed. Those are my favorites.

When you feel stuck creatively, what do you do?
Take my dogs on a walk around the block or go for a jog.

What makes you happiest? 
Family and friends.

What's your favorite way to relax?
A drink with my husband in our backyard.

What are some things that inspire you to create?
Travel, fashion, art, beautiful interiors, nature.

Where's the coolest place that you've traveled? 
Begur, Spain was an unexpected jewel of a place.
Vietnam was the most adventurous.

If you could own any work of art in existence, which one would it be?
This is really really tough and could take days to answer. I studied Italian Renaissance art in college and have a love for it like no other - but I'm not sure I need to own it. So off the top of my head maybe a Helen Frankenthaler or a Joan Mitchell abstract. I'll stop now because I keep thinking of more options 🙂

What's heavily played on your music playlist right now?
It's a total mix -
Lady Gaga
Fleetwood Mac
Tame Impala
Post Malone
Simon and Garfunkel
Joni Mitchell
Harry Styles
Tracy Chapman

What was your dream career as a kid?
Always Actress or Artist.

What movie do you wish you could watch again for the first time?
Love Actually or Shawshank Redemption.



Art has been a part of my life from the very beginning. I was raised in North Carolina where my mother, an artist and art teacher, filled my childhood with projects and books and conversations about color and composition. Later, I took studio classes, studied art history and lived abroad in Florence where my passion for painting became clear.
I am inspired daily by the beauty in nature, photography, fashion and interiors and am drawn to colors and arrangements that are clean, fresh and balanced.

My preferred mediums are acrylic and oil pastels and I use canvases of all sizes to explore color and energy in abstract pieces, as well in my figurative pieces.
My paintings are loose and layered—purposely imperfect, and my goal is to create pieces that spark connections, ignite curiosity and make people happy. I am an optimistic person by nature, so I want my work to be bright, uplifting and invigorating. I think art should breathe life into every space.
My work has been featured in national publications and blogs including Anthropologie, The Cottage Journal, Style Me Pretty, MintwoodHome, Serena and Lily, and the Washingtonian, as well as designer showhouses throughout the southeast.
I currently live in Washington, D.C., with my husband, twin sons and daughter and though I never know where life or my art will take me next, I’m always excited to find out.

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