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BACKDROP: A New Painting Experience

BACKDROP: A New Painting Experience

Backdrop Stainless Steel Paint Cans

“When we started Backdrop, we wanted to rethink the entire experience from the ground up in a way that makes sense for consumers like you, starting with a new take on the paint can.”

We are thrilled to announce that we offer BACKDROP, the first carbon neutral paint company, now at Palette Home! With 65 curated paint colors, 5 hand-crafted wallcoverings, and large adhesive sample swatches, we love the combined brilliance and simplicity this brand brings!

Scroll down to see a few things that make Backdrop stand out:

65 Curated Paint Colors



Wondering why there’s only 65 colors? More choice isn’t always better because it's often unnecessary work for you. Ranging from $45 - $69 with multiple finishes, there’s something for everyone.

“Our can is stainless steel, so it won’t rust. You’ll never need a tool to open or close. It has an ergonomic handle that makes carrying and pouring much more comfortable. It has a wide mouth opening for a great, clean pour that won’t make a mess. And, we think it’s beautiful, too.”

Color pictured on the wall: Stromboli Chess Club

5 Hand-Crafted Wallcoverings




Backdrop 1, their first collection of five patterns, launched in 2022. Backdrop’s wallcoverings are made from hand-crafted artwork and printed on a non-woven ground with a subtle fibrous texture. Each pattern was designed in Los Angeles and expertly printed in Brooklyn.

5 patterns: New Beat (pictured), Hyperion, White Lotus, 1975, and Bloomsbury. Tap the photo to see all options!

Adhesive Sample Swatches



No more partially painted walls to find your perfect color. Backdrop offers large (12” x 12”) adhesive pictures of their colors for $3, which can be repositioned to get the best sense of what your new walls will look like.

Cheaper, more convenient, less messy.

Other tools necessary are available as well, including Backdrop's Essentials Kit—a curated selection of the highest-quality tools designed to give you everything you need to get started.

Pictured: Adhesive Sample Swatch

Green Wise and Climate Neutral Certified




Green Wise is a leading certification that demonstrates successfully meeting high levels of performance and environmental standards. Backdrop has passed robust testing in two separate labs to earn the Green Wise credential. They also worked with Climate Neutral to measure their 2020 carbon footprint and calculated all of the emissions that it takes to make and ship their products to your doorstep.

Colors pictured: Pretty Ugly, Blue is the Coolest Color, Barragán-cito


Discover these colors and many more at Palette Home! Give us a call or stop by.

(804) 716-1742  |  5813 Grove Ave. Richmond, VA 23226   —   Open Monday-Friday 9:30 - 5:30 & Saturday 11:00 - 4:00

Looking for paint samples? Click here to test an adhesive swatch - free shipping!

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