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Artist Theodora Miller

Artist Theodora Miller


PH: Describe what you love most about creating?
 TM: I’m an abstract expressionist artist completely obsessed with color and texture. I love to create with acrylic paint because it dries fast and lets me playful and intuitive, plus it mixes well with pastels, graphite and inks – perfect for gestural mark making. I mostly prefer to paint on large wood panels, but lately I’ve been experimenting with works on paper and mixed media collages. For the holidays, I’ve fallen in love with creating a batch of mini abstract landscapes which make great stocking stuffers or hostess gifts. They are created exclusively with palette knives and take me right back to my childhood memories of growing up in a coastal Florida town. That’s the fun part of being an artist, I get to be completely free to explore new ideas, constantly growing and changing.

 PH: What is one of your favorite holiday traditions?
 TM: My favorite part of the holidays is being awakened by the kids on Christmas morning, who insist on rushing downstairs. I pop in the oven the special egg casserole that I prepared the night before (super easy recipe loaded with cheese) and set out the ambrosia made of navel oranges and ruby red grapefruit (a nod to my Florida upbringing). My husband makes his famous vanilla pancakes, and we all lounge around in jammies and watch movies or the Christmas parade.


Theodora Miller is an abstract expressionist artist based in Richmond, Virginia. Her creative process is exploratory in nature, influenced by mood, surroundings and life events. She rarely starts with an image in mind and works on several pieces at a time, acting on impulsive ideas with colors and texture balanced by time for contemplation. Layers of under painting reveal what the next step will be. Painting is her sanctuary.



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