Advice – Fine Paints of Europe


• Select the appropriate primer. Use FPE Oil Primer/Undercoat or ECO Primer/Undercoat for wooden doors, Primer AC for steel doors and Key Primer for fiberglass doors.

• Wooden and steel doors should be sanded smooth with medium grit sandpaper (150) wrapped around household sponge or rubber sanding block – never sand without a backing. Fiberglass doors should be lightly sanded with fine sandpaper (220).

• Doors should be washed with powdered detergent and water, rinsed and allowed to dry thoroughly. Special care should be taken on wooden doors where unpainted wood is exposed to make certain that no moisture has been retained. Normally, exposed wood will dry sufficiently in 48 hours.Fine Paints of Europe

• Doors should be primed with appropriate primer. We recommend, whenever possible, that the top and bottom of your door be primed as well to prevent moisture intrusion and extend the life of your finish. If using Key Primer, you should apply your Primer with an inexpensive, foam throwaway brush. Key Primer is to be thinned with water only.

• After allowing Primer to dry overnight (4 hours for Key Primer), doors should be sanded glass smooth with fine sandpaper wrapped around household sponge or rubber sanding block. Doors should then be wiped clean with a cotton rag containing a splash of FPE Mineral Spirits.

• Apply first coat of HOLLANDLAC Brilliant Enamel in a thin, even fashion. As an option, you may apply ECO Brilliant paint. Allow first coat to dry overnight.

• Sand door again with 220 sandpaper to remove imperfections and provide good “tooth” for final coat. Once again, “tack” the door to remove dust with a clean cotton cloth.

• Apply final coat of HOLLANDLAC Brilliant Enamel or ECO Brilliant paint. Work quickly and do not go back on your work in an attempt to eliminate brush strokes as they will normally level out within 15 minutes of application. Second coat should provide total opacity. For additional durability and extended life, apply a third coat to the door’s exterior.

• For Hollandlac or ECO Satin finish please follow above instructions and substitute Satin for Brilliant finish. By following these simple instructions, even a “first-time painter” can expect a beautiful, professional quality result and a finish that will look newly painted for several (5-10) years.

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