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FINE PAINTS OF EUROPE | Marine Grade paint is Sea Worthy!


Our customers do the most amazing things. Archie Wilson wanted to use Fine Paints of Europe to paint a boat he built.His son, who paints million dollar yachts, helped with the project. They learned a few things you might find helpful with your own projects.

Archie hard at work applying Fine Paints in the new custom color!

First, Archie and his son had Palette custom tint the paint to the desired color. They were surprised by how thick the paint was and had trouble getting it to spread, but they think the outside temperature was the culprit. They wouldn’t recommend painting outside unless the temperature was above 50 degrees , despite manufacturers notes that said it would be okay to work above 40 degrees. One wonders about issues around humidity, too. East Coast USA vs. Northern Europe, you know.

When the first coat was three weeks old, they leveled out the flaws with a power sander and then recoated the starboard side (that’s the right side of the boat, folks) and put the first, and only, coat on the port side. They added 10% Penetrol which was recommended by the pros. This helped with the consistency but showed some light brushstrokes.

boat #3
Archie’s Original Color

The motorboat with Fine Paints of Europe on it is a Simmons Sea Skiff 18 designed by T.N. Simmons of Wilmington, NC, way back in the 1950s. Archie started it in 2009 and launched it in January 2011.

Archie says, “I really appreciate the help Palette provided custom tinting the paint. There is just enough blue showing to give it interest and is a little lighter than the original Brightside’s color I put on originally.”

You’re welcome, Archie, and happy sailing!

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