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A conversation with Artist Chris Shands

We stopped by Chris's home studio recently and got a peek at the paintings she created for her November 1st opening. What a treat! They are absolutely stunning & we can't wait to hang them for you to see, but what was most inspiring about the visit was Chris's passion and energy as she showed us her work. When we asked why she titled this collection "What Remains", she described how she has slowed down her creative process this past year, an artistic stretch she's proud of. She forces herself to keep working a piece - that in the past she might have given up on. She studies it, sticks with it, continues layering, scraping & removing to see where it will go with more time. The result is more texture, more depth and more interesting paintings. Chris lit up pointing out the tiny hints of original color that still exist under all the new layers. There's a story there, each layer was necessary in order to evolve - a little bit like life she says. We love that!



"My studio looks out into my garden and as we have added more annuals and perennials this year, the landscape has changed considerably. This change has inspired a lot of my work in 2018. I take back to my studio the blues, greens, pinks and oranges and translate them onto my canvases. I'm also taking more risks with my work. I'm enjoying the freedom of making and removing marks, repeating this process, over and over, allowing a painting's history to be subtly revealed.



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