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Joa’s Predictions for 2024: Finishing Touches

Joa’s Predictions for 2024: Finishing Touches

Left: De Nimes No. C299 in Full Gloss and Dead Flat Right: India Yellow No. 66 in Full Gloss and Dead Flat

From sheen level to durability to depth of color, the finish you choose plays a big part in how your space looks, feels and lasts. And this year, Joa thinks two finishes in particular are the ones to watch: Dead Flat and Full Gloss.

“If you’re embracing the opportunity to try something new, combining different sheens is ideal for celebrating your individuality. Balancing ultra-matt Dead Flat with Full Gloss is a gorgeous, albeit unexpected, way to give spaces a modern, polished feel.”

Farrow & Ball asked Joa to share her wisdom with two ways to combine these contrasting but oh-so-complementary finishes.

*All information comes from Farrow & Ball.

Wonder Walls

“Using India Yellow in Full Gloss on the upper of a panelled wall with the same shade in Dead Flat below, accentuates the architectural detail without being overwhelming. This combination of finishes also bounces light around and will make the space feel more interesting, transforming the ordinary into extraordinary.”

Cheerful Contrast

“Full Gloss cabinetry has really come to the fore recently, especially in statement schemes to highlight accent pieces. This island painted in high-shine Full Gloss is practical as well as glamorous. Plus, the nearby walls painted in the same shade using Dead Flat create a beautiful but subtle contrast. The result is truly unique.”

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