About – Bridget Beari

Bridget Beari Colors are paint colors created by designer Susan Jamieson. You may ask, “Then who is Bridget Beari?” Bridget and Beari are two beloved dogs that inspired the company name. When it came to Bridget Beari Colors, of course they would be named after the loyal companions of friends and family.

Names like Pickle, Lu Lu, and Cashmere will make you smile, and the colors they represent will make you swoon!

bridget beari colorsFor over twenty years, Susan has been inspired by the natural world around her and the relaxed, southern style with which she grew up.

A signature element in every Bridget Beari design is Susan’s use of color to transform a space. When searching for the best brand to carry her custom colors, Fine Paints of Europe was an easy choice and the start of an exciting partnership.bridget beari colors BBD Classic Colors were formulated in the Netherlands, in FPE’s premium dutch paint – what a pairing!

Each can of paint is custom mixed “to order” at Palette, the exclusive dealer of Bridget Beari Colors and Fine Paints of Europe for all of Central Virginia.

Great Color +  Great Design = Signature BBD!

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