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FARROW & BALL | No.235 Borrowed Light

  1. FARROW & BALL: Borrowed Light 235

  2. Dubbed the “perfect” light blue, Borrowed Light is named after the much desired extra illumination that evokes the summer sky. It works as well in rooms deprived of natural light as an airy light filled sunroom. Gorgeous in spa like bathrooms, soothing bedrooms, and a hands down favorite on interior ceilings and porches.  Enjoy!
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borrowed light 4

borrowed light 7

 Get a Borrowed Light sample pot HERE.  Sample pots are 4oz pots that are in the Estate Emulsion finish.


Palette stores are full stocking Farrow and Ball paint retailers specializing in giving you the tools and color help you need to get your color right the first time.  Sample pots, gallons and free colour cards make it easy to choose one of Farrow & Ball’s exquisite colors!

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