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FINE PAINTS OF EUROPE | Richmond Pink in House Beautiful

By Palette Home | September 28, 2016

House Beautiful features Richmond home, designed by Suellen Gregory We can’t take our eyes off this project and the mastery of the designer and homeowner Katie Ukrop. The elegance of […]


By Palette Home | September 27, 2016

  MEET ERIKA VADEN Erika Vaden with  Rain 48 X 72, at Palette Home, Richmond VA Eternal 48 X 60 I was born in Rockford Illinois.  I lived there during […]

FARROW AND BALL | Sponsors Kips Bay Design House, New York

By Palette Home | June 30, 2016

The Kips Bay 2016, 44th Annual Show House supporting the Boys & Girls Club, New York It was so exciting to see all the amazing creativity by top designers and […]


By Palette Home | May 6, 2016

MEET CHRIS SHANDS I am drawn to color and texture. I usually begin my paintings by laying down bold and random brush work. It’s at this time that my work […]

FINE PAINTS OF EUROPE | Black Door on Grove

By Palette Home | February 16, 2016

LUCKY BLACK ON GROVE AVENUE Look what happens when you put Fine Paints of Europe, Hollandlac Brilliant paint on your front door – and into the skilled hands of H.J. Holtz […]

FARROW & BALL | Nine New Colors!

By John Glynn | February 9, 2016

Farrow & Ball Reveal Nine Lucky New Colors! Farrow and Ball is a company with a long history. Founded in 1946, the paint continues to be made in a factory […]

FARROW & BALL | No.235 Borrowed Light

By Palette Home | May 8, 2015

FARROW & BALL: Borrowed Light 235 Dubbed the “perfect” light blue, Borrowed Light is named after the much desired extra illumination that evokes the summer sky. It works as well […]

DESIGN | Natural Hides

By Palette Home | April 28, 2015

Layer and Love those hides We simply adore the natural beauty of hides in design. Timeless, organic, each one unique in color and shape, durable and best of all – […]


By Palette Home | April 27, 2015

DUTCH DOOR INSPIRED What do tulips, windmills and these charming half doors have in common? They are all Dutch of course!  And what better for a dutch door (or any […]

FARROW & BALL | No.201 Shaded White

By Palette Home | January 29, 2015

FARROW & BALL Shaded White 201 This white is a favorite neutral – it’s creamy and warm with just a touch of gray in it.  The complexity of Shaded White […]