Premium, Green Wise certified paint. Curated colors. 12x12โ€ adhesive color swatches. High-quality supplies. All shipped to your door.


Backdrop offer a range of options, including Interior, Exterior, and Cabinet paint all available in their Standard Finish and Semi-Gloss finishes. Fast, free shipping.


Five new graphic, painterly patterns rooted in organic geometry, playfulness, and balance. Backdrop premium wallcoverings are made from hand-crafted artwork and printed on a non-woven ground with a subtle fibrous texture.

Samples & Supplies

$3 12x12" adhesive color swatches, primers, and Backdrop's Essentials Kitโ€”a curated selection of the highest-quality tools designed to give you everything you need to get started.

Color: Cool Moon

Color: Cool Moon

Color: Ghost Ranch