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Janet Gregg

Chris Shands (artist bio in blog post)

Melissa Saulsbury (artist bio in blog post)

Carson Price

Artist Bio:


Carson Overstreet is a self-taught painter who began painting in the fall of 2013 after 13 years of non-profit work. She hails from Bedford, Virginia and currently lives in Richmond, Virginia with her two children. Her work focuses on impressionistic florals and landscapes, abstract landscapes and nudes on paper and canvas.

Her fine art pieces were introduced to Virginia buyers with an overwhelmingly positive response in the spring of 2014. Her work takes classic subjects and refreshes them for the modern home. Whether her uninhibited brush strokes infuse her paintings with pops of intense color or subtle hues, they result in a stunning composition. Carson’s art has been featured in local galleries, design stores and private shows.

Greg Osterhaus (Bio in blog post)

Dallas Mosman (artist in blog post)

Caroline Pinney

Janie Pinney


Art has always been an important part of my life. If I had to label my current painting style, I would say first and foremost I am a colorist. Color is often the first catalyst which drives me in the beginning of a painting, and the rest tends to fall in line. I find daily influences from people, images, experiences, and nature; and my recent focus has had an abstract approach with occasional floral references. Oils are my preferred medium, but I love to experiment with different forms of mixed media to create layers, texture, and depth.

I have learned so much from workshops, teachers, and fellow artists over the years and am always looking ahead to build upon that knowledge. I think allowing space to be vulnerable has been an important aspect of growth for me, and I want to continue to push myself in order to progress. There is relief in manipulating rules and boundaries as it makes room for experimentation and expression.

I am beyond fortunate to have a wonderful husband and three daughters who I adore. They are constant sources of encouragement. It’s exciting to explore with abstract and traditional painting in hopes of evoking some sort of a connection that would be compelling. Painting for me is a way to let go and lose track of time. It ultimately allows as Picasso said a way to….”brush away from the soul the dust of every day life”.


Maria Osorio Driscoll

Maria Osoria Driscoll


Fearless Love of Color




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