Shana Blakley Photo


Shana Blakley is a Virginia-born contemporary artist who has always been enthralled by the experience of creating. Self-taught, she has had an incredible passion for painting and sculpting since youth and turned deeply towards her craft as she began navigating a journey with grief in 2017.

She enjoys everything about the process of creating art—from configuring composition, to interpreting colors and forms from daily life, to the tactile and visual satisfactions of seeing something through to completion. Using the element of shape, her work explores the intersection between art as object and art as concept. The proportion, dimension, and composition of her pieces investigate space, and their colors, form, and texture create a sensory experience for the viewer. As non-objective art, her pieces become a space for thought and reflection, questioning notions of foreground and background, simplicity and complexity, and balance and counterbalance. We all need a process for introspection, and creating is hers.

Shana’s work has been installed and featured by multiple design firms, most notably Leanne Ford Interiors, and published in Domino Magazine, Real Living Magazine, and Inside Out Magazine. Her work has also been featured in broadcast media for major brands such as Google and New Balance.

Shana lives in Richmond, Virginia with her partner Matt, son Hue, daughter Elm, and the warmth and color of her late son October.