Melissa Walton

I am always asked, “Why pastels?”  I must admit, it was love at first sight.  To this day, when I look at a gorgeous display of open stock colors my eyes grow wide with excitement.  The possibilities are endless.  The colors are all there.  The combinations and marks have the ability create passion and convey excitement and evoke many different moods.  They are impulsive and make a statement.  Their ability to evolve and morph the subject with subtle layering is something that only the pastel medium can capture.  Because of this, I have spent the last decade perfecting my technique and honing my skills.  While I experiment with many different subjects, my favorite remains the Virginia landscape, whether it is the mountain vistas of Central Virginia or the gentle shoreline of the Northern Neck.  No matter how far I travel, Virginia always feels like home and this is the feeling I try to capture in my landscapes.  Favorite days, happy memories, moments that take your breath away that are preserved through a painting - this is what art is to me.