Janie Pinney

Artist Janie Pinney

Art has always been an important part of my life. If I had to label my current painting style, I would say first and foremost I am a colorist. Color is often the first catalyst which drives me in the beginning of a painting, and the rest tends to fall in line. I find daily influences from people, images, experiences, and nature; and my recent focus has had an abstract approach with occasional floral references. Oils are my preferred medium, but I love to experiment with different forms of mixed media to create layers, texture, and depth.  

I have learned so much from workshops, teachers, and fellow artists over the years and am always looking ahead to build upon that knowledge. I think allowing space to be vulnerable has been an important aspect of growth for me, and I want to continue to push myself in order to progress. There is relief in manipulating rules and boundaries as it makes room for experimentation and expression. 

I am beyond fortunate to have a wonderful husband and three daughters who I adore. They are constant sources of encouragement. It's exciting to explore with abstract and traditional painting in hopes of evoking some sort of a connection that would be compelling. Painting for me is a way to let go and lose track of time. It ultimately allows as Picasso said a way to….”brush away from the soul the dust of every day life".