Dallas Mosman


As a young child, Dallas listened to her mother speak admiringly of a great aunt who in the early 1900's, designed hats for Wanamaker's Department Store in Philadelphia, PA. She surmised that the ability to create was a good thing, and since someone in the family had it, maybe she did too - a maker was born.

Having learned the principles and elements of making art over many years in an atelier setting, except for periodic experimentation with non conventional materials, she now makes oil canvas paintings; mainly of interiors, gardens, and landscapes. Her paintings are abstract in the sense of always having a basic structural form.

Every artist has a visual language. For Dallas, it is color, space and movement. She begins with an inspiration and is happy to move torn paper shapes around to get just the right formal structure and mix just the right colors. Then she translates this to oil on canvas. Using all means of paint application, her ultimate wish is for each painting there will be a "love at first sight" reaction by at least one viewer.